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06/24/2016 • by Harold Eberle

Father-Son Theology takes and builds on some of the basic ideas of Open Theism.

Open Theism is a system of thought that sees God as open for our (human) input, and therefore, some of the future is open (meaning it has not yet been determined, but will be determined as a result of God and people working together).

Many Christians (especially those who follow Reformed Theology) are strongly opposed to Open Theism, primarily because it is contrary to the idea that God has predetermined everything that happens. At the other extreme are leaders such as Dr. C.P. Wagner who considers Open Theism as “one of the top five most important doctrinal advances since Jesus’ death and resurrection.” I agree with Dr. Wagner.

A few years ago, some theologians from the Reformed tradition hosted a meeting in the Netherlands to teach against Open Theism. A wide audience attended, including some from the secular news media. I was not there, but two friends of mine attended, and they reported to me the significant events. No one supporting the views of Open Theism was allowed to speak. The Reformed theologians spend a full evening attacking the views of Open Theism, and especially Dr. Clark Pinnock, who is one of the most known theologians who writes and teaches in support of Open Theism. At the end of the evening, the Reformed theologians allowed a few people in the audience to ask questions. A man from the news media asked, “Have any of you actually read a book by Dr. Clark Pinnock?” In front of the crowd, none of the speakers could say they had ever read any such book.

The reports in the news media the next day were not about how brilliant those speakers were, but how biased and uninformed they were.

This is what I have seen over and over again. Christians who teach against Open Theism are primarily those who have never read anything written by someone who supports Open Theism.

I fear that the greatest opponents of Father-Son Theology will also be teachers who never have nor ever will actually read anything written by someone who supports Father-Son Theology.

“Father-God, please help us consider carefully the comments of our critics who are actually informed, but deliver us from the foolish.”

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  • Glenn T Goodwin, PhD, DABFE says:

    I highly recommend this study…

  • Lenny Konschewitz says:

    I have really enjoyed studying this approach to Theology and following Harold Eberle’s publications. I love the humble tone and willingness to challenge some fundamental issues.

    One main issue I have heard and thought of with regards to Open Theism, however, is the claim that it is very humanistic. How would you argue that the philosophy of Humanism is not at the root of the matter? Curious to hear some comments.

  • Jeanette Peterson says:

    I finished the first edition of Father-Son Theology today. I bought the second edition e-book a week ago. I will read that next. In downtown San Diego they are building a new hotel. It is just a city block long huge hole in the ground right now. They haven’t built the foundation yet. But they are going deep because this will be a skyscraper. This theology book has the same look for me as that new hotel. I had to tear down everything and start over. Foundations are important! I thoroughly loved the teachings in this book. The implications branch out to everything important to me. Harold Eberle spent his life preparing to write this life changing book. I am rebuilding now. Thank you very much. If I could only thank you more….

  • Peter Shannon says:

    Amazing ! I love it. This really explains and builds faith on a Biblical basis. I am reading Systematic Theology these videos are great to clarify.

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