God started as a loving Father determined to have sons, and he will finish as a loving Father with sons

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Father-Son Theology
reveals God as Our Father

When we think of God, many images come to mind. God is the Creator of the Universe, the Supreme Being who presides over the earth in varying degrees of participation. He is the Judge of the living and the dead, the Alpha and Omega, an ever present help in time of need.

Indeed, the God of the Bible is all these things … and yet He is more. As we seek Him — not for what He does but for who He is — we discover He is a loving Father who desires sons and daughters …

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What happens when we die? Why didn’t God answer my prayer? If God is good, why does he let bad things happen? From the perspective of Father-Son Theology we tackle many of the questions burning in your heart. Here you will find articles that go beyond the foundations.

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